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London Knee Osteotomy Masterclass 2019
London Knee Osteotomy Masterclass 2019
7th & 8th February 2019
Thomas Lord Conference Centre
Lord's Cricket Ground, London
6th February 2019
A review of the latest techniques for regenerative and reparative medicine



Rockstar Kongress 2019 – 6th February 2019

08:15 Registration  
  SESSION 1 – Cellular Therapies Moderator: Adrian Wilson
08:50 Welcome Adrian Wilson
09:00 The Science behind Fragmented adipose tissue Laura de Girolamo
09:30 Discussion  
09:45 3 year results with micro-fragmented autologous adipose tissue obtained in knee osteoarthritis Konrad Slynarski
09:55 3 year experience with Lipogems, our results and indications Vincenzo Condello
10:05 Experience in Germany with manipulated cellular therapy Philip Schoettle
10:15 Discussion  
10:30 COFFEE  
  SESSION 2 – Non Surgical Management Moderator: Raghbir Khakha
10:50 The evolution towards a regenerative practice: Rationale and early experiences Adrian Wilson
11:00 Basic science and evidence not discussed for PRP in osteotomies Ansar Mahmood
11:10 Experience of PRP within an elite sports practice Mikel Sanchez
11:20 PRP and tendons in professional football Kristof Sas
11:30 Discussion  
11:45 Cingal – an intra-articular injection of cross-linked Sodium Hyaluronate combined with Triamcinolone Hexacetonide; a multi-centre clinical trial Károly Pap
11:55 The application and mode of action of amniotic tissue within Orthopaedics Jacob Michaelson
12:15 A new tool for consenting patients Adrian Wilson
12:25 Discussion  
12:45 LUNCH  
  SESSION 3 – Treatment options for cartilage repair Moderator: Mats Brittberg
13:20 An innovative system for joint distraction; early results Peter van Roermund
13:30 The MaioRegen implant and its application in unloading osteotomies Mats Brittberg
13:40 The principles of the AMIC technique and 10 year results with Chondrogide in the knee Roland Jakob
13:50 Chondrogide AMIC technique for cartilage repair; the Bristol experience Nick Howells
14:00 The arthroscopic AMIC technique; experience and learning curve David Elson
14:10 Principles and outcomes with the CartiOne single stage ACI technique Konrad Slynarski
14:20 Discussion  
14:40 TEA  
  SESSION 4 – Allograft Moderator: Philip Schoettle
15:00 Allograft usage in primary ACL reconstruction Henry Bourke
15:10 The European Allograft Initiative; cost effectiveness of allografts in knee reconstruction Tim Spalding
15:25 The supply of fresh chondral & osteochondral allograft to the UK; processing technique and practical considerations Christian Bezenar
15:40 Discussion  
16:00 TEA  
16:30 Live Feed; cadaveric osteochondral technique Martyn Snow
17:00 Live Feed; cadaveric Chondrogide AMIC technique Roland Jakob
17:30 Meeting close  
19:00 Drinks reception & Course dinner  


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