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London Knee Osteotomy Masterclass 2019
London Knee Osteotomy Masterclass 2019
7th & 8th February 2019
Thomas Lord Conference Centre
Lord's Cricket Ground, London
6th February 2019
A review of the latest techniques for regenerative and reparative medicine

Focusing on Complex Osteotomies

A two day osteotomy masterclass with a keynote national and international faculty demonstrating the very latest innovations and techniques in knee osteotomy surgery.
Day 1 am – Back to basics on osteotomy with an overview of indications, planning and execution of HTO surgery.
Day 1 pm & Day 2 – Complex osteotomy.

Live surgical demonstrations include:

  • How to perform the perfect HTO
  • MIS double level osteotomy
  • Rotational and varising lateral DFO
  • Slope changing osteotomy with biological plating
  • HTO with PSI

Other key areas include:

  • Basic and advanced pre-operative planning
  • Frontal plane, double level and multi level
  • Rotational osteotomy - planning and technique
  • Soft tissue surgery & osteotomy
  • TKA combined with knee osteotomies
  • Intra articular corrections
  • External fixator assisted corrections
  • Complications of osteotomy
  • My worst case?
Thomas Lord Conference Centre

Lord's Cricket Ground

Amazing how a sporting venue so talked-about all over the world has still managed to retain its old-world charm.

Lord's tour guide Peter Beckley says.: "This is one ground that has often got players to react in ways that they wouldn't normally do at other places."

Thomas Lord Conference Centre


There are many options and techniques available offering regenerative potential for the Knee. In ROCKstar 2019 we investigate the pantheon of technologies and techniques available to Joint Preservation specialist today. Topics include:

  • Viable Osteochondral Allografting
  • Cartilage regeneration with the AMIC technique
  • Option for harvesting cells: MicroFracture, NanoFracture, BMA, Adipose, Amnion
  • Latest outcomes and science of Lipogems

Videos include:

ROCKSTAR Foot & Ankle

Thomas Lord Conference Centre

Who should attend?

The course is designed to focus on complex osteotomy procedures, we welcome the opportunity to share experience and opinion from consultant surgeons who have both an interest in, and have performed osteotomies.

To get the best out of the meeting, we would encourage lively debate, challenging questions and a desire to further develop skills in this surgical procedure.